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Ed Rex Marketing is founded by Ed Rex who has eight years experience working in marketing in a range of industries – from local businesses to nationwide organisations. He also has a professional diploma in Digital and Direct Marketing with a special commendation.

In his experience, he has found a common theme that makes a good business whether large or small – it’s a good, solid marketing plan backed up with market research to use to undertake great campaigns. On the flip side, he has seen first hand what happens when businesses don’t have a marketing plan behind them that has yielded little results. He has researched into excellent techniques and examples and now extensively provide plans for businesses to undertake good marketing practice.

Great businesses are those with great marketing plans.


“If you throw everything and the kitchen sink at the wall, you use up a lot of time and energy with little return. If you research, plan and know who your customers are and the right way to reach them, then you can aim for that small speckle on the wall and get high return of investment!”

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