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Confused how you should do your marketing?

Are you thinking how you can get more leads and sales for your business? Wondering which marketing resources are right for your business? Absolutely valid questions.

Ed Rex Marketing helps you to maximise opportunities for your business by developing your marketing strategy and using a range of resources to achieve your business objectives. Trust me, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

What we do


Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning is the key cornerstone for your business. It’s a living document that lets you set up and track your strategies over a period of time and aim to achieve your business goals and objectives the right way for you using the right tools, research and activities.

Market Research

Trying to find out who’s your target audience? We can help you put together a comprehensive list of persona profiles for your target audiences to make sure you reach out to the right person with the right tools for your business. 

Content Creation

Like the T-Rex, content is king! Having content on your website, emails, social media helps your business to become more trustworthy, authoritative in your industry and become a thought leader. But remember, are you putting out the right content for your customers? We can help.

Campaign Management

On average, marketing campaigns lasts for six weeks depending on your service and product. We can help you set your key identified campaign up, market to the right target audience, set up the right marketing tools for you and see through your campaign right to the end with reports.

Social Media Management

Confused by the range of social media platforms out there and wondering which is best for your business? Ed Rex Marketing can help you set up the right social media platform for you, train you in using social media and/or help you run your social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Are you utilising your emails properly? It would be brilliant to have many subscribers, email contact and sales from your emails, right? Ed Rex Marketing can help you set up your email marketing strategy and put it into practice.

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Generating New Ideas. Solving LOCAL Problems

Like the T-Rex, we want to help you stand out from the crowd in your local area.  

Creativity and originality are the buzz words for us. We want to help you get the most of your passion for your business to your customers in your future marketing campaigns.  

Ed Rex Marketing

Why we are LOCAL

Ed Rex Marketing believes in order to get the best marketing for your business, they would love to experience your product/service first hand to gain an insight into your business. Ed Rex Marketing is based in Hull and East Yorkshire and we endeavour to be your marketing agency ‘just around the corner’ to deliver you the right tools to the right people in Hull and East Yorkshire.

The Skills to empower

We love to see local businesses being empowered to do their own marketing. 

You know your business inside and out. We want to help you take further your passion for your business to your local area by empowering you to feel confident about marketing. 

Throughout establishing your marketing planning together, you will have the confidence (and training from us) to make smart decisions and able to report back your successes. 

  • Marketing planning – 90%
  • target audience Research – 75%
  • marketing activities – 50%

“If you throw everything and the kitchen sink at the wall, you use up a lot of time and energy with little return. If you research, plan and know who your customers are and the right way to reach them, then you can aim for that small speckle on the wall and get high return of investment!”

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